Kage Hardware Product Co., Ltd

Kage Hardware Product Co., Ltd,  located in Zhangmutou , Dongguan , Guangdong , 20minutes by train to Shenzhen, it was established in 2002, has experience of auto parts manufacturing around10 years, focused on refitting auto parts manufacturing, including aluminum fitting, stainless steel fittings, brake connectors, adaptors, throttle body, hex finishers, fuel tank, fuel filter, wrench, hose tools....


TEL: +86 769 8713 7109
        +86 769 8779 1905
FAX: +86 769 8713 7337
Email: marketing@kagecn.com

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Address: No. 9, Fuzhu street 2, Fuzhu Industrial District, Zhangyang, Zhangmutou, Dongguan , Guangdong  China.